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Ex-Playboy model Kelsey Turner takes plea deal in murder of child psychiatrist

Turner was in a relationship with Buchard, who gave her thousands of dollars so she could pay rent toward her home in Salinas and then Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Burchard traveled to Las Vegas in March 2019 to check in with Turner before his death, where he was beaten with a baseball bat.

Turner’s ex-boyfriend Joe Kennison and Diana Pena have also pleaded guilty in connection to the doctor’s death, the newspaper reported. The trio lived together in the Las Vegas apartment.

My thoughts from a self defense standpoint. I have been speaking on the dangers of sugar dating for years. It is more prevalent than we know. I normally spend a bunch of energy on creating content to protect women in these situations. I have seen too many stories of Sugar Dating gone wrong where the man loses his mind and kills the woman out of jealousy or he is trying to advance the relationship. I spend about 5% of my content however advocating for men. When men decide to 'pay for play' it seems convenient on the surface, but can become perilous for them as well.

In this scenario the Sugar Baby in question, Kelsey Turner, was living with 2 other people. Mr. Burchard was paying her thousands of dollars per month. He went to visit her to severe ties and end the relationship. As a result, he was hit with a baseball bat and murdered. When it comes to men's safety in these situations, it is normally one of the female's orbiters who pose the most danger. In this case her roommate ended his life.

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