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"Hams, Glutes, Quads...and a little shoulders?”

Warm up

Leg Curls

3*14 Leg Curls (light weight) + 10 m Duckwalk

3*12 Leg Curls (moderate weight) + 20 m lunge

3*10 Leg Curls (heavy weight/work sets!!) + :45-:60 rest

1 Set 50 m Walking DB Lunge (light/moderate weight)


Barbell Squats

3*12 Squats (light) + 10 Low side lunges

3*8 (moderate weight) + 5 inchworms

3*5 (moderate/heavy) + :90 rest

::hack squats as modification for the squats::

5 Rounds alternating between

10 Barbell Stiff Leg Dead Lifts +

12 Kneeling Hip thrust with shoulder press

::moderate to moderate heavy weight on the barbell stiff leg deadlift::


12 minute AMRAP

10 RFL lunges (each leg)

20 m Walking DB Lunge

10 Goblet Squats (1 DB)

20 m Walking DB Lunge

Self defense: real world tactics. Focuses on things you can do against someone bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. Book a self defense class by emailing or text 817-774-6552

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