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Hardware Store Hubby Trend

"All the single ladies are going on a shopping spree – at Home Depot.

Vying for a chance to meet an eligible bachelor among the aisles of hardwood, screwdrivers and nails, the women of TikTokhave discovered the perfect spot to window shop for single men."

This is not really a self defense alert, but I still have a warning for women and men due to this trend.

Women - now that the word is out you will have an uptick of creepers trying to look for women looking for men. If they are walking the halls of Home Depot looking like Rip from Yellowstone he may be in there lurking.

Men - if you are truly working hard and oblivious to Tik Tok you may get blindsided. I'm not even talking about some damsel in distress at the hardware store. I'm talking about if you get into an argument before trying to make a simple run to Home Depot. If you have no idea what the heck happened, her ass was probably on Tik Tok looking at this trend

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