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Married Minnesota mom, 38, is arrested 'for sexually abusing two 15 year-old boys at the same time after sneaking into their hotel room following staycation argument with husband'

When people think of the term 'self defense' they think of a creepy man trying to take a young teenaged girl. This is sometimes the case. But what about a creepy woman trying to take advantage of a teenage me boy?

The report state that the woman (38) got into an arguement with her husband. After the Arguement she goes to these boys room and has sexual contact with them. I'm not sure what to what extent things went down, but this is crazy.

And it hits hard on my end because the two boys was part of a hockey team. My son travels out of town to go to tournaments. In two years he will be 15 (the age of the boys)

These are challenges boy moms, and parents of young men face.

"The two teenagers told investigators that they were pressured, felt uncomfortable and asked Schardin to leave the room. 

Schardin allegedly showed up at the boys' hockey game and texted them even after they returned home in Colorado. "

Self defense: real world tactics. Focuses on things you can do against someone bigger, stronger, and more aggressive.

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