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Woman attacked while walking with security to her car at Kroger grocery store.

One of the things that is commonly taught in personal safety and self defense classes is to have security walk you to your car if you feel uncomfortable. While this tactic can be a deterrent for some attackers it does not deter all.

In January of 2023 a woman had security walk her to her car in a Kroger parking lot. Even though she had security with her the attacker still ran up on her. He first knocked the security guard and then went to the woman and demanded her purse. He was not able to rob her but he kicked her in the head multiple times before running away.

I do not have all of the details of this story but the fact that she had a security guard walk her out indicates that she was already uncomfortable. Either she saw the assailant already, or had a bad feeling.

I post this story to state that even if you have an escort you should not let your guard down. This attacker was so brazen that she may not have been able to avoid an attack. Pepper spray, or a firearm would have been great in this situation. Not everyone is comfortable with a firearm, but pepper spray can hit an attacker from a distance.

Read the full story here

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