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Woman warns others after losing $300 to a teenager in Cash app scam

“Before I was walking out, a young boy, he looked about 12 or 13, had a box of candy, and asked him how to support his football team,” she said. “And they were trying to raise money. And I didn’t have any cash on me. And I kind of felt bad so I told him, I didn’t have cash and he asked if I would support his YouTube football channel.”

She didn’t think twice when the teen said he could pull up his YouTube channel on her phone.

“So, I handed him my phone to type in his username. Not my brightest decision,” the woman said.

“Right when I walked in the door, I got a text because Cash App sends your phone a text when you send a payment, and it said payment received. And at first, my brain didn’t click and I was like, ‘I didn’t send anyone money’ and it was about a minute after the interaction,” she said. “In about two minutes after the interaction. I ran back inside and looked for him in Kroger but he was gone.”

She believes while holding her phone the teen went to her Cash App and sent himself $300.

“I feel like not very smart and just gave someone I don’t know my phone. But him being so young and I just handed in my phone. I was like ‘alright, I’ll support you.’ Lesson learned for sure,” she said.

full story here

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