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Mansfield, TX, USA


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About Us

Say hello to strength, confidence & empowerment with real word self defense strategies

Have you ever searched for a self defense class before?

Dojo after dojo pops up and you wonder if this is what you are looking for...

You are now in the right place.

Since 2006 I have been working with women and men of all ages teaching real world tactics for real life situations. More on my background here 

Walkthrough: When you work with me you have the following options

When you sign up with me I will walk you through the basics of self defense and follow it up with drills, roleplay and simulated attacks. (Simulated attacks are available in live classes only.) Here is an overview of what you and or your loved ones will learn. Click Overview.

I have a strong WHY that pushes me to provide the best possible training and reach as many people as I can. 

“AJ I am ready to do a self defense seminar. What's next?!”

Email Me at to set up a consultation and receive a quote. 

Blog: Latest Self Defense Stories & Workouts Posted Here

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