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Massive search continues for 7-year-old Athena Strand

This story can be found on MSN CBS

Just a few quick notes

- she was staying with her father

- her father was away and she was with her stepmom

- her and the stepmom got into an argument

- the girl left

- the police does not expect foul play but they are not ruling it out

my thoughts: this is really tough for me to watch and follow. If she did run away I am hoping there are no abductions involved. If not, then she may have hid somewhere. I am hoping that she circled back and they end up finding her in the home. That way she is safe.

Read the MSN story below or go to the actual website (link above)

WISE COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — A massive search is underway for Athena Presley Monroe Strand, 7, who left her home in Wise County the evening of Nov. 30 and has yet to be found.

Dozens of law enforcement officials along with about 150 volunteers are combing through Strand's neighborhood, looking for the girl. Their efforts began Wednesday night and continued into Thursday.

"Look at how many people are here. It doesn't matter what we're going through, we're all moms, we're all family you know we have to rely on each other for this, because we are all out here together," said volunteer Chasity Allerkamp.

At first they searched a six acre radius around Strand's house. But is has since expanded, to include the FBI, Texas Department of Public Safety and Fort Worth police officers on foot and horseback. Several K-9 units, drones with heat seeking technology and ATVS were also used.

The sheriff's department said there was an argument between Strand and her mother, and that the child's father wasn't home at the time. Additionally, they said foul play isn't suspected and that Strand likely ran away. However, authorities are not ruling out someone took her.

"We're looking at everything from the criminal standpoint or just a missing child so we're not going to leave anything unturned and we're not going to put the blinders on either," said Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin. "It could be any number of things and we're looking at all those possibilities."

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