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Police: Man dressed as woman arrested for raping woman at gunpoint

Police: Man dressed as woman arrested for raping woman at gunpoint

TULSA, Okla. (Gray News) - Authorities in Oklahoma say a man was arrested after he allegedly raped a woman at a hotel this week. According to the Tulsa Police Department, officers were called to the Trade Winds Central Inn on Tuesday with reports that a woman was raped in her hotel room. Police said in a Facebook post that a woman told them the incident started when she was standing by her room and a man dressed as a woman walked by and asked where he could buy drugs. She said the man attacked her after telling him she didn’t have any drugs. According to authorities, the man hit her over the head with a gun, forced her back into the room and raped her while at gunpoint. Police said the woman told them that the man, later identified as Brandon Herd, was wearing a black wig, miniskirt and black shoes during the attack. Herd reportedly ransacked the room, took the woman’s belongings and left the hotel in a yellow car. On Wednesday, police said a hotel employee spotted Herd, and officers were able to take him into custody at a nearby convenience store where he had several of the woman’s items. The police department said Herd is facing charges that include rape, robbery and failure to register as a sex offender.

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