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13 Year Old Stabbed By 21 year Old for Calling Celebs Gods, and For Being a Non-believer

My Thoughts: I am not sure what the exact relationship. I just know that it happened at a sleepover. The then 17 year old was new in his faith and studying the Quran. It was said or thought that the other kids (13 years old) was picking on his faith and calling other celebs GODs. He read the Quran on his phone to strengthen his resolve. He then went on to kill one, and stabbed another 13 year old, including the mom. The mom and the 13 year old survived.

From a self defense standpoint I am not too fond of sleepovers. There is so much liability. I have had my kids to sleepovers before, but over the years my thoughts and views have changed. The 2nd thing that comes to mind is the age gap. I know kids will reem each other, but a 17 year can do a lot more damage than a 12 year old. I am not sure who the kid was in relation to them, but this is a weird scenario.

I am not sure what the kids could have did to avoid being stabbed. When someone has a knife it is very difficult to defend. You are going to get cut. You have to create distance. Sometimes you cannot run. If I am a parent, and come upon a scene where my child and or guest is getting stabbed I would definately intervene.

With my grappling back ground, I definitely have ways to engage to person and subdue him. If I did not have any training I would grab a long distance, makeshift weapon; a chair, a table, a broom, etc. I would attempt to bludgeon the assailant with any of those makeshift weapon, and use the hallway, the door, adn the room to create distance.

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