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One Spot (day 3)

If the gym is crowded this is an upper body and core workout that will keep you in one spot.

You will need a bench, a pair of light dumbbells, a pair of heavy dumbbells, and an exercise ball.

Warm up

3 rounds

:25 db fly (light)

:25 pullover

3 rounds

:25 db bent over row

:25 inchworm

3 rounds

:25 Superman

:25 shoulder taps

3 rounds

:25 butterfly crunch


5 rounds

9 incline db bench press (moderate heavy) + 40 mountain climbers

5 rounds

9 single arm db row knee on bench (each side)

(Moderate to heavy weight)

:15 rest beween each set

5 rounds

9 db Superman on exercise ball (very light)

5 rounds

9 db bench on exercise ball (4-count)

9 hamstring curl (4-count)

5 rounds

20 dips

20 under db rows

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