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Tamia Taylor still missing after 21st birthday party.

Tamia Taylor still missing after 21st birthday party.

I am posting this one because there is someone turning 21 everyday. There is someone going out with their friends to celebrate (which is fine)

This young lady went with her co workers on a boat from 11:30 pm - 1:30 am. Her friends said the last time they saw her is when she put her phone down to go to the restroom and after that she was gone. There is a lot surrounding this story and it is too early for me to speculate.

But I will say when you are out, do not let your friends out of your site. Some may say “but she was just going to the bathroom…”

But one of her friends even said in a phone interview that she was “wasted…” and she was “talking to some dude…” and he “gave us money to buy her drinks….” 🧐

Again not speculating, just a reminder to keep your head on a swivel and stick together when you are out.

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