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Andrew Tate WhatsApp chats leaked!

I normally post stories that have something to do with self defense. The Andrew Tate case is one of the biggest stories in the world right now in regards to human sex trafficking.

I posted about him a few months ago because CNN made an article on him. There was some misinformation in the article in my opinion so I just gave my thoughts. I also took the opportunity to post because before the article came out I had been studying him and some of the effects it had on my job as a self defense instructor. Basically the interactions between men and women, especially the 16-25 age group. I am not going to say it was all bad or all good. It was mixed bag.

When people talk about him there is no middle ground. There is either pure adoration, or pure hate. There is almost no middle ground (like talking to Apple and Android Users)

The latest is he has been arrested in Romania and so far held for 30 days as authorities investigate. It may be extended to 150 days because they deem him as a flight risk.

There are charges of rape, sex trafficking, and a few other things.

Some are of the opinion that since he is so popular and has such a voice with young, military age men, that the powers that be across the world are trying to shut him up, or shut him down. The arrest is fake, and it is a hit job.

Some are of the opinion that this man is a monster and it is only a matter of time that he gets 10-20 years.

Me? I'm just following the story.

The latest is a bunch of What's APP messages were found that he sent one of his accusers after an alleged rape.

Now if this is actually him on the voice messages, it is the most incriminating things I have ever heard in my life. The amount of hubris one has to have to say it and then press 'send'

:::Trigger warning::: if you have been assaulted or in a situation where you were controlled, you probably don't need to listen to this.

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