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"ArmaLite" (mirror day)

Warm up

3 rounds

10 m side lunges

10 m toe walks

10 m duck walks

3 rounds

40 glute bridges (from floor)

10 soldier kicks

10 squat to knee rotations

3 rounds

:45 assault bike (moderate pace)

12 DB stiff leg deadlift (light)

12 squats (bodyweight)


10:00 Assault Bike (max distance/save distance or send to trainer)

5 rounds

10 Lateral step ups (each side/keep foot on box for all 10 reps)

20 Goblet Lunges (backstep)

:60 rest

5:00 Assault Bike (max distance)

5 rounds (superset/minimal rest)

12 incline bench tricep extensions

12 incline bench bicep curls

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