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Attack on a Titan

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

This is the unedited and uncut version of the workout. These are the notes from one of my personal workouts. A big portion of it was unplanned, but left me exhausted.

This workout could exceed an hour

Warm up

8 * 12 leg curl + :45 rest (start light, increase weight each set)


6 rounds

8 dead lifts

16 barbell back lunges

(Start light increase weight each set)

4 rounds

10 handstand push ups

20 single arm kb swings (10 each arm)

20 db curtsy lunge

(:10s handstand hold or 10 db shoulder press)

4 rounds (the following is all 1 round)

4 db snatch (heavy/moderate)

12 bo row (heavy/moderate)

12 1-arm neutral grip shoulder press (light weight)

(Each side)

(Squat to upright row variation to snatch)

Then do

Then do

:20 half push up hold

15 push ups

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