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Balls and Barbells!

warm up

8:00 Amrap

12 good mornings

12 shoulder taps

12 side lunges (stationary)

12 db bent over row (very light)

12 squat pulses

12 leg lifts (from floor)


8:00 Amrap

12 hamstring curls on exercise ball

12 barbell glute bridge on box/bench (moderate weight)

8:00 Amrap

5 pull ups w/underhand grip (or lat pull down)

12 db pullovers on exercise ball(moderate weight)

8:00 Amrap

8:00 Amrap

:20s lat stretch on bosu ball

12 inverted rows

8:00 Amrap

25 m sled push

50 m backpedal or backwards walk

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