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Cain Velasquez Put in an Impossible Situation

have been waiting for more details to come out before I spoke on this. It is am example that everyone cannot defend themselves, especially a 4 year.

Now this is the info I have. There have been conflicting stories of who the relative was.

Cain Velasquez found out his son had been molested multiple times by Harry Goularte.

This happened at the daycare. The man is not an employee, but lives in the building....

Cain could have just went after the man, but he tried to do the right thing and go to the police.

They questioned the man and he said "I was just helping them fix his pants...."

They ended up letting this man out and all he had to do was wear am ankle monitor. Did not even have to pay bail.

Cain was not notified by authorities but he found out through the grapevine

He immediately went after the man as he was on his way to get his brace.

Cain fired shots at him. And got his father.

Cain goes to jail with no bail

Harry Goularte is free until his next hearing.

While free there is a good chance he will try something with another kid.

I understand that Cain went vigilante, but he had a hell of a reason.

California is always interesting how they release some and hold others

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