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Fentanyl is Causing More Deaths Than You Think

Prince, Tom Petty, Mac Miller and other celebs had this in their system when they died: Fentanyl

My summers are jammed packed doing self defense seminars for young men and women going to college. Over the years I always state that 90% of incidents are drug and alcohol related.

A few weeks ago fentanyl came up on my radar as something that could incapacitate and be used as a date rape drug.

The other day I was working while letting the new 'Future' album run. Half the time I can't understand what the hell he is saying but it have me a jolt when I heard

"I got fentanyl in my diamonds...."

After that I took a deeeeep dive into fentanyl...

Reading about! Not sniffing it!

Found a bunch of info! The main thing I wanted to share is that drug dealers are lacing drugs with fentanyl and it can make it 10-20 times more potent for cheap.

Kids going into college may experiment eventhough we tell them not to.

There are professionals (adults) who still partake in drugs. I'm not here to judge you, just raising on something that you should be on your gaurd. Something that can kill you.

Fentanyl the size of a penny can kill an elephant

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