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Florida sex trafficking sting nabs 160 people including Georgia Deputy Police Chief Jason DiPrima

A sex sting operation that resulted in the arrests of 160 people also busted Georgia Police Officer Jason DiPrima.

This genuis is a deputy chief who was at a Polygraph conference, shows up to an undercover prostitution sting.

The night before he was "Confidence Scammed" by another prostitute. This means that the prostitute made him send $200 1st to prove he was legit and she ghosted him.

The very next day he contacts an undercover cop and she said her price was $60. He agreed to it and shows up with beer and White Claw.

He has worked his way up the ladder for 30 years and threw it all the way in 3 days.

Side note. $60 for a half hour? I don't know what the pricing is for the 'Buy-Sexuals' but that just seems like it is missing a 0 idk 🤔

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