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"Honey Trap" 33 Year Man Drugged by Women he Met Online and Killed By One of Their Male Friend

Dad of 6, 33 years old, Saul Murray died during a robbery gone wrong.

He was targeted by Surpreet Dhillon, 36, and Temidayo Awe, 21, after he posted pictures of his two “Rolex” watches on Instagram.

The crazy part about it is that the watches that he posted were reported to be fake!

Men! Yes, you are normally bigger and stronger than women, but if a woman is in your DMs on Instagram you have to be weary! The Honey Trap is real, and it happens all the time.

These women went over to his house and somehow put a drug in his drink.

Men (and women) Make your own drinks!

When the drug did not work, they called in back up, but the man came in and knifed him to death. He died for a stab wound to the thigh that hit his femoral artery.

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