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Houston Woman Detain in Dubai For Raising Her Voice at a Man

“Houston woman has been detained in Dubai for 2 months, charged with screaming in public”

Houston Truck driver and IG influence Tierra Allen has been detained and may be looking at jail time in Dubai.

Her and her friend were in a car accident in a rental car. She went to the place to retrieve her ID and other items. She was told she had to pay to get her stuff back.

The male employee was really aggressive with her and yelled, and she decided to yell back.

In that country, it is against the law for women to raise their voice.

First I will say I do not think she should be detained.

On the flip side I made a self defense video at the beginning of the summer talking about travel. One of the things I spoke about is to learn the laws of the land.

If you are visiting another country, it is great to travel and live your best life. In this type of situation, a man (not all) may not like Americans, and try and set you up for a fall.

Disclaimer: if you are from Dubai I know your laws are different and others must follow them. My goal is to help people, especially women stay safe. Me making this post does not mean I hate your country. Dubai is a beautiful and amazing place. so don’t come at me!

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