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How to CRUSH a Transformation Challenge

How to CRUSH a Transformation Challenge

A great way to make a dramatic improvement in your body and your fitness level is to participate in a challenge. It is a chance to take a hard look at where you currently stand with your weight and conditioning, and to set a goal with an end date for making big changes and progress. It’s your opportunity to produce really impressive “before” and “after” photos. Do you have what it takes to stick with a challenge all the way through? Will you stick with the diet plan and avoid falling for temptations? Will you show up to your workouts day after day, even when your muscles are tired and sore? They key to your success is to be deeply disturbed with your current shape. Recognize that the body you have is no longer in sync with the body that you are able to accept for yourself. Why are you still living life in your “before” body? Sure, you have obstacles that get in your way – your schedule, your job, your kids, the weather, your knee injury from college…but ultimately you have the body that you accept. I’m going to repeat that so it will really sink in. You have the body that you accept.

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