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Interval Beam (wk 14 #2)

Warm up

4 rounds of each exercise :20 work :10 rest, then go to the next exercise

- straight arm lat pulldown

- bike (light instead of total rest)

- row (light instead of total rest)

- bench press (light)

- elliptical (light instead of total rest)

- lat pulldown (light)

- hand release push up

- DB bent over row (light) {20:00}


4 rounds :30 work :30 rest

- hanging leg lifts

- underhand straight arm pull down + db shoulder press w/neutral grip

:::no rest between sets, do db press instead:::

- row

- bench press (moderate weight)

- lat pulldown (moderate to heavy weight)

- hand release push up (max reps)

- 1 arm bent over row 10-12 reps, switch at 30 seconds

:::no rest between sets, do bentover row on the other side instead::: {52:00}


3:00 assault bike (max distance) {57:00}

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