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Love & Hip Hop' 's Brittney Taylor Speaks Out After Bat Attack Allegations, Bloody Photo from Kids

Afeez Akande accused the reality star of causing a head laceration in an alleged assault, while Taylor believes the claims are meant to "f--- up" her life with their 2-year-old and 8-month-old children

"It's bad enough I'm a single mom and I do everything by myself! Now he wants to 'stop my bag' and paint me out to [be] the bad guy. Why do that to the only person who provides for your seed. SMFH ... This is sad."

My reaction: this is a situation where the woman is the aggressor. She did not outright deny hitting him, but she did mention that he is trying to stop her from making money. If he is lying then yes, its f@&$ up. But if she did do these things her has every right to call the polite.

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