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Magic Intervals 🪄 (day 1)

Warm up

3 rounds

10 m lateral band walk

10 good morning

3 rounds

3 inchworms

6 Spider-Man planks

3 rounds

25 m high knees

10 stationary side lunges

3 rounds

25 m butt kicks

10 push ups


5 exercises

Round 1: 4 sets of 20s on 10s rest

Round 2: 3 sets 40s on 30s rest

Round 3: 1 set 60s

For example, row for 20s and rest 10s for 4 rounds. Then go to next exercise and do the same thing. Once you complete all exercise do 3 sets of 40s with a 30s rest.

The last round do 1 set of 60s each exercise.


  1. Row or ski

  2. Side sit ups (switch every 5-10 reps)

  3. 1 arm Db squat to press (switch every 5-10 reps)

  4. Deadlift

  5. Lat pull-down

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