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Man Gets Life in Prison for Selling Fentanyl That Killed 11

Aaron Broussard Ordered Knock-off Adderall, But Received 99% of Pure Fentanyl. Kills 11 Customers

A Minnesota man was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for selling fentanyl that caused the deaths of 11 people who had bought it believing it was a less dangerous drug, the Justice Department said.

The man, Aaron Broussard, 31, of Hopkins, Minn., obtained fentanyl from drug suppliers in China and conspired with them to smuggle the deadly drug into the United States, selling the product on his website, prosecutors said in a news release.

He mailed it across the country, the Justice Department said, and it was used by the 11 people, who had expected to receive a less dangerous drug similar to Adderall. Instead they ingested a fatal amount of fentanyl, a lab-made opioid 50 times stronger than heroin and roughly 100 times stronger than morphine. In addition to the people who suffered fatal overdoses, four others were seriously injured by the drugs provided by Mr. Broussard, prosecutors said.

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