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Missing Texas Woman Is Found Dead After Planning to Confront Boyfriend About Him Being Married

"A 33-year-old Collin County, Texas, woman has been found dead after friends and loved ones reported her missing on Jan. 11, multiple outlets report.

Before she vanished, investigators said Kayla Kelley was planning to confront the man she was dating after she'd learned he was actually married and using a false name, NBC 5 reports.

After a weeks-long search, Kelley's body was uncovered Wednesday in a field in Grand Prairie, Texas, the Collin County Sheriff's Office confirmed."

Full Story here

My thoughts: This is a very sad story. Kayla did not do anything wrong. She did not even know that this man was married. They had been dating since last summer so of course when she found out she was hurt. Hurt being an understatement. She told Ocastor, the suspect, that if he did not respond to his text that she was going to tell his wife.

She actually did text his wife and told her that she needed to tell her something. The wife ignored the text. The news article has more details on where she was found and what type of state the car was found. Also how they found his car, which was reported stolen, near her residence. The car duct tape and a blanket in it

I am no relationship expert, I have a moral compass but I am not expert on what the best thing to do from a principals standpoint. I am only here to talk about safety and self defense. I am also not here to blame anyone, what happened is a tragedy and it was not her fault. This is the type of article that I find myself posting over and over: "woman finds out man is married, man kills woman before she exposes him....woman gets pregnant by married man, man kills woman when she refuses to have abortion..."

Safety Tips in This Online Dating/ Cyber Age

  • Hire a Private investigator. Some agree with me on this and I have ran into staunch opposition. But if you feel like things are going to get into a serious relationship it may be a good idea to have that person checked out. Normally when someone murders someone they have some type of criminal history. In this case the man was already married. Even though he was using a fake name the P.I. could have found something from the phone number.

  • If there is a problem cut off all communication. It is easier said than done. if you are in a relationship with someone and you find out that they are living a double life, it is hard to just break things off. The thing is, even if the person has no criminal history he or she would rather risk their freedom than be exposed. They will take extreme measures if they feel desperate.

  • I know it is not always possible to cut off all communication. One of the parties may be pregnant, or there may be some other circumstance where you have to involve the spouse or other parties. Never underestimate what someone is willing to do to keep you from doing what they do not want you to do. Set up a layer of defense. This may be involving a police report. Now here is the thing, you are not able to make a report until there is a true incident, but you can start to leave a trail. Do not try to control the other party by telling him or her that you are going expose the situation. If you are going to do it, then do it. This is not what I recommend from a safety aspect, but if you are going to expose the other parties you have to set up official layers of protection and let that be known.

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