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Mushroom Sets (Day 3)

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Warm up

Light on the 1st round, add weight each time to warm up

:25 tricep push down

:10 rest

:25 db bicep curl

:10 rest

:25 superman

:10 rest

:25 plank

:10 rest

:25 inch worm

:10 rest


Instructions - do 2 sets at each station.

Example, do 2 sets of 10s on and 10s off at the 1st station, then do the same thing at the 2nd. Do this through all 5 exercises.

Next do 2 sets of 20s on and 15s off at each station.

Next do 30s on and 20s off for 2 sets. Then do 40s on and 30s off for 2 sets at each station.

Note: when you move to a different station you only have the specified rest time to start the next exercise.

Round 1 - :10s on :10s off

Round 2 - :20s on :15s off

Round 3 - :30s on :20s off

Round 4 - :40s on :30s off


  1. Seated OH tricep extension on exercise ball

  2. DB bicep curl

  3. Push up on exercise ball

  4. Superman hold on exercise ball

  5. Pike o the exercise ball

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