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Naked man 'took advantage of Planet Fitness transgender locker room policy' to parade his genitalia in ladies' locker room and ask women to 'shower with him then rub lotion on his back'

A naked man reportedly took advantage of Planet Fitness's transgender locker room policy to parade his genitalia around the ladies' facilities and be inappropriate towards women.

Christopher Allan Miller, 38, was arrested on Thursday for going into the women's locker room at a Planet Fitness gym in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Miller claimed to be a woman in order to enter the female facilities, but there is no indication that he identified as a transgender woman prior to the incident and his Planet Fitness membership lists him as a male. He also has a beard.

The gym's policy allows members to use whichever bathroom and locker room that aligns with the gender they identify as as part of the no-judgement motto.

The rule that has sparked a wave of backlash against the gym and has prompted customers to threaten the establishment with boycotts and a $400million loss in value after multiple incidents in which the transgender policy has been abused.

Gym-goers are concerned about the policy and believe Miller abused the policy as a way to act inappropriately towards female customers, WSOC-TV reported.

Allegations claim that Miller got completely naked in the locker room and even asked a woman to rub lotion on him and shower together.

A worried woman who was shocked to see a fully-naked Miller in the locker room called 911 because she was so disturbed.

'It's a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won't leave the restroom,' the 911 caller told the 911 dispatcher. 'But he is just walking around showing us his and he won't leave.'

The 911 dispatcher asked 'what's he wearing,' to which the flustered customer responded 'Nothing. Literally nothing.'

'Ok, so he is completely naked?' the responder said. 'He is completely naked,' the woman answered.

Miller was arrested for a felony charge of indecent exposure and booked into the Gaston County Jail and his bond was set for $25,000.

Betty Brice, a Planet Fitness customer, is upset that Miller claimed to identify as a woman to stay in the women's locker room.

'I think a woman should be able to go into a woman's bathroom without a man coming in saying he's transgender,' Brice said.

Clark Simon, a transgender advocate, says that the policy creates a sense of 'safety, security and affirmation' for trans gym-goers.

He says that it is no excuse for someone that isn't transgender to violate that space and that Planet Fitness must control that.

Planet Fitness has been slammed with a wave of complaints for its rules on transgender people using female locker rooms and bathrooms.

At least 28 Planet Fitness locations were targeted with bomb threats after the gym franchise sparked fury for banning a customer who shared a photo of a transgender woman shaving in the bathroom.

From Florida to Alabama, dozens of locations in eleven different states reported hoax bomb threats following weeks of backlash against the chain's 'trans-inclusive' locker room policy and the decision to ban the member, as reported by Media Matters.

Patricia Silva, 67, made headlines in March after she claimed to see a 'man with a penis' washing themselves in front of a 12-year-old girl in the women's locker room.

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