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Post Christmas Safety Tips

You made it! You have wrapped the gifts, and "Santa Claus" has successfully dropped off all gifts. The Elf on the Shelf is no where in sight. You may have gained an extra 8-10 lbs from meeting up with friends, family, and food!

Some of us will immediately go back to work while others have until the 4th, and others the 9th of next year. It is time to catch on some shows, binge watch, and get some much needed R&R.

"Fun First..." that does not sound right "Laundry first..." oh Heaven's no! That does not sound right. I will admit that I did spend a solid 8 hours, loading, unloading, folding and putting up laundry the day after Christmas. Nevertheless, I think the saying goes "Safety First."

Here are a few safety tips to consider post Christmas.


  • Make sure you cut up your boxes from high end gifts before you set it out for recycling. Keep all boxes in the recycle bin so onlookers cannot see it. Laying out full boxes the next day is not very nice to the sanitation team for one, it is also an announcement of what type of stuff you have.

  • Make sure new gifts are not visible through the windows outside of your home.

Leaving the House

  • Leave lights on, even when you are not home. Personally, I am taking a few days where someone is always at the house for a couple of days.

  • If you do decide to leave town, do not announce it on social media.

  • Be on high alert for odd behavior when you are out. Examples can range from odd to outright bizarre and strange.

  • Here is an example: Police: Man arrested at Hulen Mall had pepper ball gun, spied on woman in bathroom


  • Do not burn a Christmas Tree or wrapping paper in the fire place. Major fire hazard.

  • Put up your tree soon after Christmas. Do not store it in the garage or outside of the house.


  • Keep stockings and Christmas leftovers away from pets. Chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins and candy — especially sugar-free candy — can all be toxic to pets.

  • Remember that cooked turkey and chicken bones can injure your pet internally.

  • Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe, holly and lilies are poisonous when ingested by pets.


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