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NYC lawyer, 38, Loses His Life While Vacationing in Chile

This is a tough story. I think it is important to travel, see the world, and broaden your horizons. Eric Garvin was a young lawyer who has been to more than 40 countries across the world. He was a seasoned traveler and in my opinion absolutely knew how to defend himself and avoid dangers. Nevertheless, he walked into a neighborhood with a high crime rate and innocently took a picture of a building. Unfortunately, there were some criminals in line with the building and they potentially thought that he was taking pictures of them. They immediately approached him, shot, and robbed him.

I have friends and old classmates in the age range. Most of them who are male and they travel alone. They know how to handle themselves but I always holding them in prayer when they travel abroad.

"A Staten Island lawyer who devoted his life to public service was shot dead while vacationing in Chile earlier this month — leaving his family struggling to make sense of the tragedy.

Eric Garvin, 38, had been missing since Jan. 14 when he was last seen in the country’s capital city of Santiago.

One week later, his family received the horrific news that their son was killed and his body was inside a hospital morgue."

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