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Quarters: Time, Reps, Distance (wk 8 #1)

warm up

3 rounds

:25 lateral and walks

:25 good mornings

3 rounds

:25 leg curls (light)

:25 side lunges (in place)

3 rounds

:25 leg extensions (light)

:25 body weight squats

3 rounds

:25 db stiff leg deadlifts (light)

:25 inchworms


4 rounds

25 m DB lunge (moderate weight)

25 sit ups

4 rounds

25 box jumps (step up variation)

25 leg lifts

4 rounds

25 m sled push (moderate to heavy)

25 side planks (each side)

4 rounds

25 leg extensions/ partial reps (moderate to light weight)

25 goblet squat pulse

4 rounds

25 fire hydrants w/band (light/ high tempo)

25 fire hydrants w/band (light/ high tempo)

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