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Sextortion on the rise against teen boys

Sextortion is on the rise against teen boys (14-17), especially athletes. These are based on recent FBI reports.

"the practice of extorting money or sexual favors from someone by threatening to reveal evidence of their sexual activity."

- The predators messages the boy in the guise of an age appropriate pretty girl (or boy).

- He or she entices the boy to send nude and provocative photos/videos of himself

- He or she then threatens to blast the pics out all over social media unless he pays

The man in the pic extorted 155 boys before he was caught. 2 of the boys committed suicide.

He would target teen boys in the guise of an attractive woman from a modeling agency. He would say

"Send a nude pic and you will get $1000 from the agency..."

After they sent him the pics he world export them for money and sex. When they refused he would blast the pics all over the internet

If you have a teen who is being exploited, tell them not to panic. Go to the authorities.

There are so many boys suffering in silence.

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