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Sleddy Van Houten

The workout will start with a very light sled warm up, ramping up into a short round of heavy sled work. It will then taper down into a moderate/light conditioning.

Warm up

3 rounds

12 good mornings

25 m sled push (very light)

3 rounds

5 inch worms

25 m sled pull (very light)

4 rounds

12 stationary side lunges


4 rounds (load dumbbells onto the sled)

:25 sled push (moderate weight)

4 rounds

:25 sled pull (moderate weight)

:25 alternating db shoulder press

4 rounds

:40 sled push lunge

:25 rest

4 rounds

:25 lateral sled pull (moderate/heavy weight)

:25 single leg stiff leg deadlift


10 side sit ups (alternate between each side)

Burn out sets

5 rounds

:20 sled push (sprint)

:60 rest

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