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Slow vs Fast Tempo Reps

Warm up

2 rounds

10 good mornings

25 m toe walk

10 bird dogs

25 m duck walk

10 windmills

25 m lunge

10 spiderman lunges

25 m shuffle

10 squats

25 m butt kicks


:40s work :30s rest for 5 sets then move to the next exercise

(for the first 30 seconds do 6 second reps, 3 seconds on the concentric, 3 seconds on the eccentric. Then for the final 10 seconds rep as fast as you can.)

  1. Stiff Leg Deadlift

  2. Push up

  3. Goblet squat

  4. Incline bench press

  5. :30 alternating bent over row (heavy)/:10 bent over both arms (moderate)

  6. Static lunge (alternating lunge on last set)

  7. Bicep hammer curl

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