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“Starbucks worker writes a secret note on a cup to save 18-year-old girl from stranger pestering her

“Starbucks worker writes a secret note on a cup to save 18-year-old girl from stranger pestering her”

The girl's mother took to Facebook to thank the staff at Texas Starbucks for looking out for her daughter.

This story went down last year but it has resurfaced.

On one end I think that this is great! I always talk about a big portion of self defense is not only the person defending herself but a community pulling together.

On the flip side there is no perfect system. Yes I would want someone watching over my child, or any of my friends and family. On the other end there is a fine line between watching out for your fellow man and vigilante justice.

If the man was harassing the woman that is one thing. if he just talked to her and they were watching him the whole time and he was not harassing her then it os getting dangerous. Why? Because this went viral and the baristas were praised for it.

So now we are in a situation where a bunch of baristas are hyper vigilant to the point where they may pre-judge a man wrongfully. In addition, the definition of intervening will vary wildly from town to town.

In Mansfield, the baristas may intervene in a peaceful and tactful way. At the same time, 10 miles away in Midlothian the exact same situation it the barista calls the police, or gets physical? (Hypothetical, the baristas in Midlothian off 67 are fantastic!)

At the same time I’m at a starbucks in Lindale headed to a self defense and I spot one of my old students? Well I can answer that. Unless someone notices me I am going to walk right by them and not say a word.

But this has turned into a heated debate online. I agree with both sides. Some say they are glad that the baristas are vigilant, and some men are angry because they are saying “what am I supposed to do?”

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