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Super Hero Intervals (day 1)

Warm up

3 rounds

10 m lateral band walk

10 good morning

3 rounds

3 inchworms

6 Spider-Man planks

3 rounds

25 m high knees

10 stationary side lunges

3 rounds

25 m butt kicks

10 push ups

You have 10 exercises. You will do :40s of work with a 25s rest. When you finish with the 40s of work you will immediately do 5 or 7 reps of a selected exercise. During your rest. The quicker you do your selected exercise during the rest, the more rest you get.


3 rounds 40s of work + 25s of rest

(Round 1: 3 burpees, Round 2: 5 push ups, Round 3: 7 squats during each rest)

3 rounds

:40s battle rope + (selected exercise)

:40s db squat to press + (selected exercise)

:40s pull up or banded pull up (lat pulldown variation) + (selected exercise)

:40s db lunge + (selected exercise)

:40s sled push + (selected exercise)

:40s sled pull + (selected exercise)

:40s tricycles + (selected exercise)

:40s dumbbell bench w/static leg raise (from floor) + (selected exercise)

:40s goblet squats + (selected exercise)

:40s 10 plyo lunges/2 squats + (selected exercise)

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