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Texas woman who left her children, ages 3 and 12, home alone for 7 weeks arrested in Alabama

Texas woman who left her children, ages 3 and 12, home alone for 7 weeks arrested in Alabama.

Raven Yates, 31, allegedly left her 12-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son home alone from Sept. 28 to Nov. 14.

She threatened her 12 year old. She told her that if she tells anyone that her and her little brother would be separated and it would be her fault.

She left those kids to fend for themselves for 7 week! They did not have food or any medicine, according to reports. The 12 year old did what she could. When the kids were found by police they had empty cabinets, but were in good health.

The 12 year old would call her dad in California and ask if he could order food. She told him that her mom was working late and forgot to get them food. The dad did not ask any questions after that and ordered them food and had it sent to them.

The mother was seen by family members in Alabama and they ended up telling the dad. He called the police, flew to Texas and met the police there.

This is just another aspect of self defense and personal safety. There are so many ways we can be put in a situation. If you are a young teen or a pre-teen in this situation you should tell your other parent and call the police immediately. I know it is hard, but you have to consider you and your siblings safety, you don't have to take all of that on yourself.

Call your other parent and let them know

Dial 911 and talk to the operator. Let me know the situation.

Call another family member for help.

I am posting the following just in case a kid is searching these topics

'my parents left us alone in the house'

'my mom left me alone, will they split up me and my little brother?'

'my mom and dad left us alone, will they take us to jail if I call the police?'

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