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This Man is on Demon Time. She Flew Him Out & He Robbed Her of Her Rolex

This man is on Demon Time for real!

Ladies, be careful of men you meet online. Look carefully for red flags. Quick run down

  1. Woman meets man online who is a popular tik tokker

  2. She flys him out to her house

  3. After they hook up she falls asleep

  4. She wakes up and he is good

  5. She checks her home and is missing her Rolex

  6. She checks her surveillance and he did indeed rob her

  7. She tries to contact her but he has her blocked on all social media and her cell phone

  8. luckily for her the man's family takes the watch from her and delivers it to her

  9. I'm guessing this man has a drug habit

  10. She is lucky that he is a thief and not a killer

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