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‘Tough Sledder’ (wk 11 #1)

Lots of pulls in this workout, wear gloves! or prepare your callouses

Do all 3 exercises in a row before you rest:

3 rounds (light weight)

15 seated db hammer curls (15/8)

15 db tricep kickbacks (15/8)

15 barbell bentover row (65/45)(45/25)

:::minimal rest between sets:::    

1:00 Sled Push (moderate pace)          

3 rounds (moderate weight)

13 seated db hammer curls (20/12)

13 db tricep kickbacks (20/12)

13 db bench light (95/65)(65/45)

:::moderate rest between sets:::       

2:00 Sled Pull (max distance).                    

3 rounds (heavy weight)

11 seated db hammer curls (25/15)

11 db tricep kickbacks (25/15)

11 T Bar Row (moderate to moderate/heavy weight)

:::max rest between sets:::              

3:00 Sled Push (max distance).                     

4 rounds

12 straight arm lat pull down (with rope)

12 Cable Crunches

:60s rest between sets.          

4:00 Sled Pull (max distance)

4 rounds

50 m farmer's carry (70/55)(55/35)

12 superman

5:00 Sled Push (max distance) {53:00}

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