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Alleged killer of student Sade Robinson had sex dungeon in his basement with ‘sling, restraints and handcuffs’: police

A sicko accused of killing and dismembering 19-year-old college student Sade Robinson had a sex dungeon in the basement of his Milwaukee home — and authorities found blood smeared on the bed and walls of the staircase leading to the creepy cellar.

Disturbingly, the blood found at Maxwell Anderson’s property is not from Robinson,

In his basement the creep had “a sex sling, restraints and handcuffs,” a police source told the Post.

Although the basement has small windows, a neighbor told The Post they were covered up so no one could see inside.

“There were some sort of blinds,” says Ali Maguire, who often walks her dogs along the streets of the normally quiet, tree-lined middle-class neighborhood.”

“It never crossed my mind that there could be something like that here. It’s just sick. It’s depraved, and I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Anderson, 33, has been charged with murder, arson, and mutilation of a corpse. He pleaded not guilty on Monday.

Authorities say Anderson killed then dismembered 19-year-old Sade Carleena Robinson after their first date on April 1. Surveillance video shows Anderson and Robinson having a seemingly good time at a restaurant and a bar.

She was never seen again.

Authorities conducted a welfare check at Robinson’s home on April 3, but found no trace of her. Later that day, they found her sawed-off leg on the shores of Lake Michigan. Other body parts have been found in various locations around Milwaukee. Some of her remains have yet to be recovered.

On April 4, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at Anderson’s home. According to a probable cause affidavit, officers found blood on bedding and walls leading to the basement. Several gas containers were located in the garage and storage area.

While Robinson’s blood has been ruled out, it is unclear if the sample could match Anderson’s DNA.

“It just indicates that the preliminary DNA analysis supports the conclusion there is no support for inclusion of Robinson’s DNA in any of the blood or swabs that have been tested, and in some of those, her DNA’s been excluded,” wrote Assistant Milwaukee County DA Ian Vance-Curzan.

According to the complaint, authorities have much more evidence against Anderson, including phone records and surveillance videos which place him in the locations where her remains were dumped. They also interviewed a witness who allegedly spotted Anderson as he set fire to Robinson’s 2020 Honda Civic on a street corner in North Milwaukee.

The remains of clothing that matched the outfit she’d worn to the date were found scorched inside the vehicle.

Robinson, who was studying criminal justice at Milwaukee Area Technical College, agreed to the first date with Anderson — and told an employee at her apartment building she was “excited” to go out with him.

As authorities continue to piece together the last hours of Robinson’s life, Anderson’s father issued a statement of condolence to her family.

“On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to express our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of Sade Robinson,” Steven Anderson wrote in a statement. “We are shocked and devastated by her senseless death.”

“Who the [expletive] would do something like this to my beautiful baby? She hurt nobody. She harmed nobody,” she said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Anderson is being held on $5 million bond. He’s due back in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on May 16.

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