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Two Former Ohio State Players Found Not Guilty Of Rape Charges

“Former Ohio State Buckeyes football players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint were acquitted of rape and kidnapping allegations on Thursday morning.”

Each year towards the second half of the school year I go to different schools and do self defense with the young men (juniors & seniors)

One of the topics I really try to harp on is the topic of “boundaries & consent…”

Colleges are working hard to protect women and catch men who commit unspeakable acts. I think that is a great thing. On the flip side there are some young men who are automatically kicked off the team and out of school based on an accusation.

A few years back in one of my seminars I kept it real with the young men. I told them “the best thing to do is to abstain you will save yourself a lot of trouble. But let’s say you do decide to have sex in college. I’m this day in age you almost better have them sign a waiver on an iPad or get a video consent…”

Well, at Ohio State at least, the coaching staff actually has their players get a video consent from the girls they have relations with.

In this case, even though the young men were kicked off the team years ago, the consent video, along with other things ultimately saved them.

Too much to unpack on one instagram post but here is the article

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