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What's to blame for a COVID-era increase in pedestrian deaths?

My reaction: I did find the rise of pedestrian deaths a news worthy topic I do not agree with this article on why deaths are up.

If you look below and click the article you can read their reasons.

I do believe anxiety and drinking problems have gone up as stated in the article. I believe the main reasons for pedestrian deaths is the digital boom from the Pandemic. More tik Tom's, zoom calls and more access to communication while driving. Sounds oversimplified? Could be. Check out the article below to see what the experts are saying

"Just about two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. is contending with record levels of pedestrian deaths thanks to a "nationwide flare-up in reckless driving," The New York Times reports. Authorities blame things like rising anxiety levels, pandemic drinking habits, and weakening social norms for the surge." Read full article here

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