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“Active Recovery 😂 “

Warm up

3 rounds

:20 pvc shoulder pass throughs

:20 pvc behind the head shoulder press

3 rounds

:20 inchworm

:20 Superman

3 rounds

:20 db bent over row

:20 high plank

3 rounds

:20 bicycle

:20 butterfly crunch

250 m row


You will have one big, complex movement with a light iso movement as an active recovery exercise. For example, you will do one set of moderate to heavy lat pull downs, then do light bicep curls for recovery. The weight will range from 5 - 12 lbs


5 rounds

:30 lat pull downs (moderate to moderate/heavy)

:60 db bicep curls (very light!!)

5 rounds

:30 DB Bench (moderate to moderate/heavy)

:60 triceps cable push down( very light!!)

5 rounds

:30 GHD sit ups

:60 10 db side bends/ keep alternating for 60s (light to moderate weight)

5 rounds

:30 seated rows (moderate to moderate/heavy)

:60 db bicep hammer curls (very light!!)

5 rounds

:30 incline db Bench (moderate to moderate/heavy)

:60 overhead triceps extensions( very light!!)

5 rounds

:30 Leg lifts

:60 10s side plank/ keep alternating every 10s

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