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Before His Wife Went Missing They Found a Google Search on His Device “How to Hide a Body…”

No matter how bad it gets a man should never want to take out his own wife. His wife has gone missing and he is the main suspect. They found multiple Google searches of him trying to learn "how to murder for dummy's" essentially

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His internet searches — as sick as they may be — are rational in a cogent thought type of way,” the lawyer said. “There appears to be a lot of planning and it appears to be well thought out.”

Prosecutors revealed the dad of three used his son’s iPad to google

“how to stop a body from decomposing,”

"how long before a body starts to smell,” “hacksaw best tool to dismember” and

“can you identify a body with broken teeth?”

Prosecutors said Wednesday that during Walshe’s previously reported trip to Home Depot to buy $450 of cleaning supplies with cash, his purchases included a Tyvek body suit, mops and baking soda.

Worse, a man in a Volvo matching Brian’s description was caught on surveillance footage lugging heavy trash bags into

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