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Busy Bee (wk6 #1)

Warm up

3 rounds

20 lateral walk w/band

10 band pull aparts

3 rounds

12 db stiff leg deadlifts w/band

12 backwards monster walks

3 rounds

:25 inchworm

:25 sea turtles

3 rounds

:25 bird dogs

:25 froggers

3 rounds

15 push ups

30 bodyweight squats


4 rounds

:40 db stiff leg to high pull

:20 body weight squats (max reps)

:40 rest

4 rounds

:40 db lunges (moderate to heavy weight)

:20 push ups (max reps)

:40 rest

4 rounds

:40 db burpee (no overhead/ no jumping w/ weight/moderate to heavy weight)

:20 body weight sumo squats (max reps)

:40 rest

4 rounds

:40 alternating KB row (moderate to heavy weight/keep one kb on the ground)

:20 close arm push ups (max reps)

:40 rest

4 rounds

:40 db 1 arm waiter carry (:20 each arm/moderate to heavy)

:20 body weight squats narrow stance (max reps)

:40 rest

Conditioning (optional)

10:00 cardio (your choice/ walk, run, row, bike)

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