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High school basketball player who identifies as girl accused of causing injuries in game, opponents forfeit

Video of one of the injuries

A girls’ basketball game between two Massachusetts schools made waves earlier this month after one team forfeited against their opponent, which had a biological male who identifies as a female on the court, a source told Fox News Digital.

The Collegiate Charter School of Lowell forfeited against KIPP Academy, which resides in Lynn, Massachusetts, at halftime. KIPP was leading the game 31-14, but the game goes into the record as a 10-0 win.

A video circulated online on Monday showing one player for the Collegiate Charter wrestling for a rebound with the biological male athlete from KIPP Academy.

Some have expressed concern after the girl for Collegiate Charter was injured on the play after hitting the court, grabbing her back in pain.

A source told Fox News Digital that the biological male who identifies as a female is more than 6 feet tall and has facial hair.

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