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“ISO Blast” Jan 8 - Workout 1

Warm up

4 rounds (start light, gradually increase weight)

12 leg curls

12 bicep curls

12 standing overhead tricep extensions

12 calf raise

4 rounds (start light, gradually increase weight)

12 leg extensions

12 wide arm bicep curl

12 tricep kickbacks

12 calf raise toes pointed out


Drop set: 4 consecutive sets of 10-12. Do one set with heaviest weight then immediately take 10-20lbs off and do the next set. Do all 4 sets before you rest.

4 Rounds

12 Leg Curls (Drop Set: 12 heavy, 12 moderate, 12 light, 12 very light then go to next)

12 Seated Hammer Curls (Drop Set ".....")

::::rest :60 then repeat::::

4 Rounds

12 Leg Extension (Drop Set)

12 Tricep Cable Pushdown (Drop Set ".....")

::::rest :60 then repeat::::

5 Rounds

10 Seated Dumbbell Calf Raise (Slow in both directions)

::::no rest, keep alternating::::


3 rounds

2:00 Assault Bike (max distance)

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