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Man allegedly took photos of women in restroom, pulled pepper ball gun at Hulen Mall

FORT WORTH, Texas - Fort Worth police have released more information about an incident at Hulen Mall on Christmas Eve that ended with a man being arrested.

45-year-old Douglas Egan is facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper photo/video in a bathroom charges in connection to the incident.

Douglas Egan (Source: Fort Worth Police)

A woman inside a public bathroom in the mall told police she saw a cell phone being pointed at her from underneath the wall of the stall.

The woman confronted the suspect who she said appeared to be a male dressed to look like a female.

The woman continued to follow the suspect as he left the bathroom and tried to leave the mall.

When a man tried to stop the suspect from leaving, the suspect pulled what appeared to be a handgun out of his bag and pointed it at the man.

The suspect left the mall, but witnesses kept an eye on him.

While he changed his clothes, witnesses say they saw what appeared to be a handgun in the back of his pants.

When officers arrived witnesses pointed Egan out to police, who arrested him.

Police then discovered the gun was a "pepper ball" gun.

Egan is a registered sex offender who had previously been convicted of misdemeanors for indecent exposure in DeSoto and Lancaster and felony indecency with a child in Dallas. He was discharged from parole on June 29, 2022.

The Hulen Mall incident was initially reported to police as a possible shooting call at the mall just before 5 p.m.

The mall was placed on lock down while they investigated.

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