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Post Christmas Workout #2 Rugged Workout Series

Warm up

3 rounds

10 DB skull crusher (very light)

10 superman's

10 bird dogs (view here)

4 rounds

10 DB chest flies

4 inchworms

4 hand release push ups

5 Rounds

15 leg extensions (light to moderate/light weight)

10 wall calf raises (view here)

12-15 mid-range partial dumbbell press (light, moderate/light) (view here)


5*8 Bench Press (work up in weight each set with the last two being the heaviest)

5 Rounds

15 Tricep Pushdowns

15 Dumbbell Calf Raises on a weighted plate (view here)

5 Rounds

12 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

15 Leg Extensions (moderate/heavy to heavy)

5 Rounds

8 hanging leg lifts

20 Bodyweight squats (unbroken)

5 Rounds

12 DB Incline Champagne Press (view here)

15 Bodyweight calf raises (toes out) (view here)


7:00 AMRAP

50 m sled push (sprint)

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